TSOP Fur Machinery

TSOP fur machines has been the leading manufacturer of machinery for fur garment producers and fur tanneries. The company was founded back in 1960’s by Antonios Tsiopoulos. It quickly became an exporter of machinery to the USA and to major European fur manufacturing centers like Germany, Italy, France and Spain. Over the years the company expanded even further to the Russian and Chinese markets.
The machinery produced cover the needs of the modern fur factories and fur tanneries. Holding the title of more than 36 different patents it has always aimed on new innovative products that would increase the productivity and improve the overall quality of the final product. Our tannery equipment range includes stainless steel tannery vats, electric steam generators shearing, ironing, degreasing machines, and dryers. The fur garment manufacturing range includes the drum machines, slicing, dry cleaning, steam generators and ironing machines.

TSOP is a strong supporter of ethical and sustainable fur and leather products and is in co-operation with major organizations around the world that promote these practices. In its designing and manufacturing process, TSOP is focusing sustainability in all areas of the supply chain.

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