Chemicals Fat Liquors and Auxiliaries for the Leather and Wool Industry

Texapel products are used by leather and fur tanneries in various stages of the production. The company is based in Barcelona, Spain and produces chemicals fatliquors and auxiliaries for the leather and wool industry since 1942. TSOP is the agent of Texapel for Greece, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Albania.

Texapel’s product range is used in the following tanning processes: soaking, wool washing, liming, deliming, bating, pickle and degreasing.
Having a network of experienced technicians and with constant R&D, TEXAPEL’S mission is to utilise the know how gained over seven decades to provide high quality, cost effective solutions for all its customers.

Using a network of trustworthy suppliers our technicians are formulating tailor made products, in order to meet their specific and often complex needs.
Quality is guaranteed by periodically subjecting labour force, facilities, equipment, security and environmental processes to external checks and audits performed by approved entities.
Industrial environmental certification:
– iso 14001 certification
– iso 9001 certification

Also all the products of TEXAPEL comply with the REACH (EC 1907/2006) Regulation.

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