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    In more than 50 countries worldwide

Tsop Group specializes
in designing and producing machinery
for industrial applications

in various industrial sectors, specializing in the Building Insulation Technologies, and Leather and Fur tannery and workshop equipment. A team of highly skilled and innovative individuals, the modern high-tech tools of 3-D modeling and manufacturing combined with the experience of a long company history that goes back to the 1960’s are the main driving forces that lead us to the future of machine manufacturing and automation solutions.

Driven by


Innovation is at the center of our business, together with the need for more energy efficient automation systems. In an ever-changing industry environment quick adaptability is a priority.

Our machinery solutions are designed to fit the exact needs of each customer focusing on a high level of safety, following the international quality standards. TSOP GROUP is committed to design equipment focusing on ‘zero-waste’ principles, environmental safety, and sustainability.



TSOP Group through the decades has developed and produced machinery that work in more than 50 countries worldwide in Europe, USA, Japan, China, Russia and others. Our headquarters are in Greece, a European Union country, in the port city of Thessaloniki and with global presence in exhibitions and trade shows all over the world. Our machines are designed and built with international orientation, using only high-end global industry suppliers in all electronic and electric components. Easy serviceability, on-site operator training, and distant monitoring tools ensure problem-free operation, in every part of the world.



Find out more about the Tsop Group companies.

TSOP Fur Machinery

TSOP Fur machines, specializes in the design, manufacturing and trading of machinery used in the fur and leather product manufacturing industries and fur tanneries.

Machinery Solutions for the Building Insulation

TSOP insulation technologies, specializes in the design and manufacturing and trading of machinery used in the industries of XPS (extruded polystyrene) insulation products.

Chemicals FatLiquors and Auxiliaries for the Leather and Wool Industry

TSOP Group is the official agent of TEXAPEL S.A. a chemical products manufacturer. The product range includes fatliquors, enzymes and degreasing agents for leather and fur tanneries.